OuishareFest 2016 In the Air

At OuishareFest 2016, 2 conferences really caught my eye:

  • The first one was about the future of work. It tackled some of the fundamental shifts that are transforming the way we collaborate, coordinate and co-create value in the post-institutional economy. It is interesting to think about one challenge: how to allow flexibility, without losing the notion of community? Millenials want to be free & independent, but at the same they are looking for some sense of belonging. Being part of something matters to them. That’s why it’s important for organizations to create new ways to socialize at work;
  • The second one was about building individual capabilities in a networked era. Traditional curricula have lost most of their meaning because we are living in a complex environment where everything is changing fast. Experimental forms of educations are emerging, but the hot question is: what to learn? How to build lifelong skills? What will a leader look like tomorrow? How to convince them to work in a huge corporate company?

Both topics question the idea of purpose. Work is not only something you do to earn money, from 9 to 5. New generations are looking for a ‘mission’. It means that they want to have an impact on society, & it also implies that future companies will be open. Indeed, tomorrow, workers won’t apply for a job, but for roles in several organizations. We can already observe that trend with ‘slashers’ who have different activities for different employers.




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Galina Bas

Diplômée d’ESM-A Paris en Marketing Stratégique et après 1 an passé au sein d’une agence digitale, Galina rejoint l’équipe One d’Equancy en tant que Consultante Junior afin de travailler sur Nissan East. D’origine russe, Galina vit en France depuis plus de 7 ans. Elle est passionnée de psychologie, d’art, de musique classique en général et de piano en particulier et travaille en tant que bénévole dans une association caritative.

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