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Giving and receiving stars is becoming a habit. In the western world, people are getting used to rank drivers on Uber, hosts on Airbnb, even employers on Glassdoor! In China, the same thing is happening. Here are some examples of popular applications that connect supply & demand and allow you to rank your experience…and to be ranked too!

  • Didi Chuxing is a mobile platform taxi hailing application. They connect 400 million users across more than 400 Chinese cities and they declare 20 million rides a day. Reviews are key to qualify the platform.
  • Mobike is a bike sharing service company. They connect hundreds of thousands of bikes with users. You can review the previous user or the bike!
  • Dazhong-Dian Ping is an Online to Offline reviews based platform. They connect 600 million users with 4.3 million offline merchants and they manage 11.5 million orders a day.
  • The CareVoice is the first review-based social platform for healthcare. They provide reassurance to choose hospitals or physicians based on their reputation.

And now, even the Chinese government rank citizens based on behaviors, products & services they consume!

The Chinese citizen score credits system is a points-counter solution: it analyzes collected fiscal and government data. By 2020, every citizen in China will be assigned a ranking based on a single number. Nobody really knows how it works, but it seems that the data is coming from financial, social, political and legal credits data sources.

Such rankings can be used to generate credit scores. For example, cities like Hangzhou track for example citizens’ utility bills, criminal records, online shopping habits and public transportation expenses to generate the social credit score. Some other players, like Alibaba or Tencent, also have a credit scoring system. For instance, Alibaba analyzes online purchases on Alipay and transaction records on Tmall and Taobao e-commerce platforms. And guess what? The more often you are using Alipay, the better your Sesame score! For example, it means that if you get a higher score, you can obtain a better loan.

And this is not science-fiction… this is happening today in China!

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